Wednesday, 20 June 2012

'Toothbrush' - By Jamie Sims: Teaser Trailer

Im breaking back into this blog, after a long sojourn. But that’s another story.

I’ve started again inspired by my friend Jamie, who has an unfailing sense of drive, a view of where he wants to be, and the talent to take him far. He has just finished a short film, which is beautiful.

Many people have loved and lost in their brief history as a human. Some let the current of sadness that guilds the memories take them under, some bury the past deep and refuse to dig it up, regardless of the cost to their future happiness. Others learn and live, safe in the knowledge they tried, were loved, and can love again.

It’s safe to assume, then, everyone has felt a multitude of positive and negative feelings towards an ex at any given point of an irreconcilable break-up. Written and Directed by Mr Sims, ‘Toothbrush’ takes a journey into the very personal and singular feelings one can feel when this occurs. Opening with the ceremonial packing up of the others belongings, the narrative soon takes a surreal visitation into the collective experiences that keep you hanging on. What paths can you take to exorcise these painful and yet beautiful memories? Is it really enough to capitulate and banish? Both uniquely singular in its treatment of one side of a split, and yet fiercely protective of the experiences that prove catalytic to heartbreak, this short film tugs at your heartstrings. It burns with recognition of what we all have felt. Im not going to give too much away, but watch the trailer. The full film will be out soon enough.

Toothbrush TEASER from Jonny Ruff on Vimeo.

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