Thursday, 3 June 2010

Canterbury - Thank You - November 2009

Right at this moment, Canterbury are giving out their album free. On their myspace. This is not a gimmick, this is free genius! Please go and download, then read this. or the other way round, it doesn’t really matter. I found these guys by accident, and that makes me worried. what if there is a whole host of amazing bands I will never hear because there aren’t enough hours in the day to hunt them down. All the more reason to up my game.

So, the album. It is an Über showcase of the talents encompassing these young men. With titles which follow a flow, like a semi concept album (titles follow in sequence, such as; Accident Ambulance & Hospital), the audio equilibrium is constantly rocked, as the lyrics whip from angry bitterness to soulful melancholy. But this isn’t an album of alternating rage and static. No, no. The tunes are full of fluid movement, whether pensive and endearing with dulcet tones and lyrics gently pulling you in (Hospital, Diver), or 11,12, which oozes an angsty energy. Generally the word angst makes me cringe, I use it in a good sense here, when that tightness in your chest rips through you, the chorus kicks in and you let it all go.

This album can be alloted a place alongside those of You Me At Six and artists of that ilk. perhaps, dare I say it, they go one better in creating a debut of this form. It would seem as though it is a dismissive action, but there is a reason there is such a collective who adore this style. It simultaneously argues for emotion and passion as well as F***ing S**t UP. This is what we should all choose embody in our lives, and as the opening of Ambulance crashes with symbols and drums, there can be no other case than for the latter. it really embodies the confusion and energy that would actually go with the appearance of an ambulance, funnily enough. That is where the concept lies, in the attention to detail with the lyrics and the cultivated sound. They make sense together.

This fluctuating mixture involves a touch of upbeat controlled chaos, with Set Your Right delivering a fast paced staccato beat with an impeccable sense of timing, leaving you feeling ready for a night out with your best male friends. Witness the amusing highlight of Friends_ We’re More Like A Gang. The sheer range of paces and ideas that are traversed within Thank You leaves you feeling slightly addled, but in a good way. Though we traverse the stages of joy and heartache with the foursome, there is little room for melancholy, and absolutely no room for boredom. With the hidden melancholic tang of the ending track Hometime, and lyrics ‘I never had something mess me up like this...You were a sunset, I was a hurricane’, it feels as though this story is unfinished. If music is set by the pace of a lifestyle, it is clear that these guys never have a dull moment.