Sunday, 3 January 2010

Disasters and Diabolicalness, Happy New Year!

Ok, it has been a long while, and it is plain that I have been neglecting this little corner of my life. Contrary to the norm, I am going to have a life rant, before I get back to reviewing the more interesting things that other people have done.

Time has now crept quietly and quickly into 2010, and it still doesn't feel real. Perhaps it is all the 'End of the Decade' spaz that has been spat from every corner of the media, complete with the top 10, 20, 100 amazing or horrific things that happened since Y2K. Its like that fabled period of destruction all over again, where planes would fall from the sky and all technology would turn their shiny silicone chip-boards on us, and refuse to be our bitches anymore. it is a let down, its the same as it always has been, except now we put down a different set of numbers next to the date. Im not really cynical though, I brought in the New Year with all the other three thousand people at the Motion skate palace behind Temple Meads Station, and it was pretty damn nifty. However, there is one thing which puts me in mind with all those that fretted over our fortune come the year 2000. Fucking Technology!

I am not one of those technophobes, quite the contrary. I love technology, I was a late starter for Myspace, and neglected to join Facebook until I really had to, thinking I would hate it but actually loving it. I love the fact that everything you want is just a click away. I am technophile if anything, and I, like so many others, am not ashamed to admit it. The problem is, that I seem to have been shunned by technology. Having completed my move to Bristol in the middle of November 2009, I have come up against a multitude of issues involving technological devices which has left me feeling like an impotent male in a room full of sex-starved playboy bunnies. unimaginably frustrated! 

First of all I have to give one massive nod to SKY, for giving me and my boyfriend Henry one massive headache from the minute we joined them in early November. Not only did they send our SKY viewing card to Henry's address from 2 YEARS AGO three times, but they then sent our internet hub without a phone (as promised) and then made us go out and buy one to fnd out if we had a dial tone, so they could work out why we had to internet connection. We had to unscrew wall plates in various areas of the house, all the while being referred to as 'Mr. Henry', a very small but instantly infuriating factor that prompted us to ask to speak to someone who actually spoke english. After numerous refusals to send out an engineer, and numerous times trying to quit SKY, we have ben told we can have an engineer come and look at the problem, at the grand cost of £99 for the initial callout costs, and a subsequent £64 per hour. Wonderful. take my advice, never, ever join them. they are total wankers. 

Apart from this absolutely awful experience, I have had my laptop refuse to acknowledge it has an airport card, although I KNOW it does, forcing me to borrow Henry's sisters laptop, for which I am eternally grateful. However, even this is prone to some issues with the local Wi-Fi in my favourite frequented bar, Start The Bus. I have also discovered, since moving to Bristol, that every potential place of work likes to send emails to potential staff giving details of where and when interviews will take place, forcing me to develop a e-mail checking tick, which forces me to check me emails every 30 seconds of the 2 hours window that my current temp. job allows for private email. Luckily I have now secured a three month role, so that should make things easier. 

I thought that my problems would disappear with the prospect of 2010 and a new job round the corner. but fresh despair has come in the form of my amazing new external hard-drive, and a supposedly great new online publishers. I covet my Hard-drive it is beautiful, but having got back to my new house, and tried to tidy up my files a bit, I have found that I cannot make any changes to the files on the Hard-Drive. 

Merry fucking Christmas to me. 

Oh and the new publishers I have signed up to have managed to lose most of the first article I drafted and saved on my account, 1000 words of it! I was really pleased with it too.

And a Happy New God-Damn Year!   

It may no seem like such a big deal, but with the snowball that is following close behind me threatening to engulf, it makes a difference. 
OK, rant over. On to more interesting things....