Monday, 4 October 2010

Pulled Apart By Horses - 16th September 2010

Guildford Boiler Room

With Support from the sans-base duo Phantom Theory, who manage to whip up a storm with tough drums, riffs and vocals, and a stage presence not to be reckoned with, alongside the equally grand Young Legionnaire, members of which have cut their teeth belonging to some well known diamonds such as Yourcodenameis:milo and of course Bloc Party, Pulled Apart By Horses take to the stage with little grandeur and open with I Punched A Lion in The Throat. Reminiscent of a boy-child staking outrageous claims, the title lyrics are repeated with a ferocious tenacity and defiance, all the more appealing since the statement is so damned absurd! From this instance you are drawn from your mind into the swirling vortex of a force you cannot see, but is pulling you gently into an abyss of savage energy and joyous degradation.

The jam-packed crowd twist turn and stagger to the heady riffs and thrashing drumbeat, speakers swinging from the ceiling as we whip back and forth, and in not time at all the gents are reeling off their last few bars, and settling us in with some choice banter, channeling around lead guitarist James Brown being ‘single and riddled’, a catch in essence! Ripping into the fresh and tasty single Back To The Fuck Yeah, Tom Hudson shows off both challenging and charming vocals as the chorus riff demands a long shrieking cry from the pit of his soul, set apart from the latter reverberating guttural cry of “Yeeah-huh”. Its a beaut, and no doubt worthy of the esteem it has collected for the quad.

The most notable, chaos-inspiring tracks follow shortly behind in the shape of E=MC Hammer and Yeah Buddy, the latter of which takes inspiration from a steroid freak, and drips with a sarcastic, menacing strut as they muse “Yeah buddy. Thats Super heavy. Lightweight baby!... Thank God for pure natural strength.” The divide between the stage and the surrounding chaos becomes incomprehensible as Tom drives through the crowd, shrieking and shaking with an unbridled wonder-lust, bassist Robert stands high on his bass-amp, cutting one mean silhouette, James pulls one dumbstruck lady into a one armed hug, and Drummer Lee Vincent hammers out and impressive backdrop for the proceedings. in a whirl of shredding riffs and raw vox from centre stage, we are left reeling and ready for the last, and most bloody of all, not least because those of us privileged to be at the front can see James’ claret dripping from his fingers onto the collection of strings he covets! Den Horn opens as one over-energised bunny hops up and climbs monkey-style over the crowd to hang off the ledge above the stage, supported by the over-fueled arms of all those who cant stop shouting for more. As reality seeps back in, and we are left to stare blinking into dim recollection, there is an unsaid thought we all share. I want to do THAT again! The night has ended on a high, but all to quickly and we are left wanting more. PABH deal in inspirational chaos, and it is a drug we will continue to crave for eternity after this night.

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