Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Glory of the Pinhole Camera

Justin Quinnell showing us how its done

The Pinhole is camera is one of those really great objects of the photographic which allows you to engage in the art and science of the visual, without spending a fortune. I am paraphrasing the very great man Justin Quinnell here. The newset installation in exhibited images is the 6 month cameras put up around Bristol to map the suns path accross the sky. The results are pretty amazing, truly bringing home the ingenuity that can and should be employed by photographers accross the globe. Catching amazing images of our world which otherwise would never be
seen is a duty, a right, and a bloody great thing to do.

The view from the Cliffton suspension bridge

Justin Quinnell's pinhole cameras can be made from aluminium beer cans, in which he puts film, black tape and a pinhole, hence the name. Themes have included shots from the inside of his mouth, slow light images, catching the suns path from the winter solstice 2007 to the summer solstice 2008, black and white shots, and colour images. The bizarre brain children of the Bristolian entrepeneur create an air of otherworldliness, such a key factor in their eyectaching simplicity. Voyeurs may feel very small when casting their eyes upon such wonderment.

Entitled: Breakfast
The great thing about Quinnell is that he is willing to share his wealth of knowledge to anyone who wishes to hire his services. For more information please visit

I am praying for an exhibit in london very soon, but until then, I am going to get creating!

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